Find Time for Love with WYNK


Do you see millennials using sites like Eharmony or OKCupid to meet potential partners? Not really. While they have great success stories and lots of happy lovers, millennials are busy and need a hipper way to connect with each other that’s a happy medium between sleazy Tinder and super-niche Farmers Only.

Enter Wynk.

This weekend two busy professionals made room in their packed schedule to get married–all because of Wynk! Jose works as a product manager at a “little” company by the name of Facebook and Lola is hard at work as a social media manager for a series of clients. While they love their tech life and being attached to the computer nearly 24/7, they felt they needed at least some human interaction.

The sad truth is: making friends and meeting new people is hard in your twenties and thirties. Lola, 28, said, “Wynk took the pressure off meeting someone new off the clock.” Jose, 26, felt the same and said, “It’s hard to find time to actually connect with someone, but Wynk made it easy to find something to do that we both would enjoy. Who knew we’d be so into each other? Like too into each other.”

Whoa there Jose, maybe Wynk is too powerful? šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Find Time for Love with WYNK

  1. I’m a longtime user of Wynk and I LOVE IT! I never have to plan. It’s the best dating app in EXISTENCE. In all CREATION! This is how it’s meant to be. This article perfectly captures the essence of Wynk in all its glory.


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