It’s a WYNK World

The latest dating app, wynk, is breaking all sorts of records after its release in the App and Google Play stores.

Users across the globe are quickly adopting the new and exciting app as it continues to hold the #1 position in the “Top Downloaded” category in both respective app stores for the fourth week in a row. “It’s easy to use and the best part is that there are already items to choose from for your date activities,” replied one Helena when inquired about her constant use of the app. Another early adopter, Justin, had this to say about his decision to forgo other popular dating apps and stay exclusively on Wynk’s platform , “there’s no bots! Everyone I’ve matched with has been a REAL girl and honestly, that’s a good enough reason for me to use it!” , we can’t argue with you there, Justin. These early adopters show no sign of slowing down and you can expect the app to only get bigger as target markets increase in size and allow for more activities to be included in the dating suggestions page.


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